Emergency filesystem check in progress


Oak is now fully operational again.

We were able to identify the causes of the recent issues and addressed them with the collaboration of external vendor support. We’ll continue to monitor Oak’s health very closely during the next hours and start deploying additional measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Jobs from Sherlock that were waiting on I/O in /oak should have resumed without error. As usual, please let us know if you notice any problems at srcc-support@stanford.edu.


We have been working through the night to monitor the progress of the file system check. It is still progressing and tasks are progressively completing.

Vendor support was engaged at around 2:00 am last night to see if there would be way to speed up the process, and they’ve started looking at it almost immediately.

Oak remains unavailable this morning. We’re very sorry for the extended and unforeseen downtime, thanks for your patience and understanding while we’re working on bringing it back online.


The filesystem check is progressing as expected and should take a few more hours to complete. We’ll post a final update when the filesystem is back online.


An emergency filesystem check is required and is running on $OAK, which is currently not accessible to allow this operation to run safely. Updates will be posted as soon as access is restored.